Down the Beaten Path

Down the Beaten Path

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The baby is growing

Caeser is now 6 months old this week

And he is a complete and total mess...literally he is always rolling in something when it rains he is orange since he loves to sit in the rain and then roll on the barn flour in the orange dirt. But he is such a smart dog and a joy to have. I won't let him off his leash yet when I take him to feed the cows and bucks but he will sit and stay for me for as long as I need him to while I'm feeding as long as I remind him every now and then to sit and stay.
He is very protective already of me and the goats. We burned horns a few weeks ago and he had a hard time listening to his babies and he will sleep next to them when they are asleep. He loves to lick their faces when they are messy drinking from their bottles and he knows they are babies not to be played with. Our border collie has always amazed me how smart he is and Caesar is just as smart if not smarter at 6 months is much farther ahead of Speck at that age in training and in other areas.
Now he has had his moments but he's a puppy and is neat to watch as he learns to guard his flock and how they have included him in their herd.

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