Down the Beaten Path

Down the Beaten Path

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


And not I'm not meaning the poet I am meaning baby guineas. I love having guineas they can be loud and they can be aggressive when they are protecting a nest or babies. But they let you know when there is a stranger in their midst and they have such personalities!

These are from the third nest our adults tried to hatch this summer. The first predators decimated all the babies over night, the second one the predator got into the eggs, the third she kept hidden in the garden and we rounded all of them up after they hatched and are raising them ourselves. Five survived out of nine but we are happy with that.

They are in the pigeon pen right now with our lone pigeon, Fred he was the only one to survive a predator raid a month or so ago. Yes we have a predator problem right now we are looking into getting a livestock guardian dog.

And here is our lone chick it cannot fly up to the perch with its friends so it peeps as loud as it can till they come gilding back.

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